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     The Puck Stops Here Goaltending School (TPSHGS) was formed in  with one thing in mind; "Providing goaltenders of all skill levels with professional coaching and training." TPSHGS Founder, Brett Schaffer, B.S. Ed., has spent over 10 years under the tutelage of coaches such as Jeff Lerg, George Bosak, Josh Robinson, Glenn Detulleo, and even  NHL Goaltending Coaches, such as Frantz Jean, of the Tampa Bay Lightning. His degree in education and years of experience as a classroom teacher has also provided him with invaluable experience that he now translates onto the ice.  

     TPSHGS implements on and off-ice training, along with video analysis and feedback tailored to each individual. All our instructors are selected, evaluated, and certified by Coach Schaffer. Each coach brings different experiences to the training process that provides our students with various techniques, skills, and experiences to absorb.

    Training with TPSHGS does not end on the ice. We also specialize in exercise and sports nutrition, with customized plans for each one of our goaltenders. Goaltenders receive off-ice conditioning along with custom diets and exercises to help reach the next level of performance. We are constantly implementing the newest and most effective training techniques. 

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