Lessons, Clinics & Camps

Private Lessons

TPSHGS offers one-on-one individual coaching lessons. During these private lessons, coaches focus on providing a 50-50 workload and resting time. Rest time includes coaching feedback and demonstration/correction, as well as video analysis when applicable. Our coaching staff provides each of our goaltenders with the necessary tools and skill-sets to achieve success on the ice, and reach their personal goals. For more information, and to schedule a lesson, email our coaching staff at thepuckstopsheregoaltending@gmail.com.

Semi-Private and Group Lessons

Group and semi-private lessons are a great alternative for those looking for a more budget-friendly lesson. We offer semi-private lessons with as little as 2 goaltenders per lesson, all the way up to 4 goaltenders in a group lesson. In addition to being cost-friendly, it is great for younger goaltenders who aren't quite ready for the workload of a 60-minute private lesson. Email our coaching staff for inquiries, questions, and more information at thepuckstopsheregoaltending@gmail.com

Practice Visits

If requested, our coaches are available to make practice visits during the hockey season. Custom plans can be created with the team's coaching staff to design practices, with the goaltenders' development in mind. The plans for the practice will provide beneficial game-like scenarios for goaltenders, and will allow them to read through each situation with different progressions and options.


Clinics and Camps

TPSHGS is available year round for clinics and camps. Rinks and organizations that are interested in a clinic or 1-5 day camp should contact us for more information. Please email us at thepuckstopsheregoaltending@gmail.com for more information and scheduling.


Video Review & Game-Analysis

(Online Options)

TPSHGS also offers a variety of online& off-ice programs that have proven to be extremely beneficial to our goaltenders. One of the most effective aspects of growth in goaltending is to evaluate and reflect on technique, save selection, and execution. Our video review and game-analysis process involves our coaches reviewing and evaluating game film sent in by students; Once completed, our coaches will complete an in-depth consultation with the student, either over the phone/computer or in person.